Franchise Agreement Training Institute

(b) the franchisee agrees that the fund covers all management costs; the management and preparation of advertising materials, national and/or regional public relations and programs (including, but not limited, to the costs of preparing and delivering national advertising programs and activities, radio, magazines, newspapers, newspapers, newspapers, media and other activities, for conducting marketing surveys, marketing, using advertising agencies to support and provide advertising brochures, coupons and other marketing materials to all franchises of the system). The fund is accounted for separately from other franchisor funds and should not be used to defuse the overhead of the franchi, except for these reasonable administrative and overhead costs, which are 10 (10%) not to exceed. Percentage, given that the crosser may conduct activities that are duly related to the management or management of the Fund and its advertising programs; A franchisor satisfaction training program (after giving the franchisee the opportunity to appoint a replacement manager), the franchisor may terminate the contract pursuant to Section 13.1 and reimburse the franchisee one-third of the initial franchise fee paid by the franchisee taking into account the franchisor`s time, burden and burden for the implementation of the initial training. Franchisor may, at its sole discretion, offer additional or refreshing training programs at a time when franchisors and franchisees are mutually acceptable. Franchisees must then pay the day-to-day training fee for each of the franchisor agents participating in this additional or more refreshing training, in addition to the franchisor reimbursement for all expenses of these representatives, including travel, accommodation and meals. 5.3 Additional local advertising. Subject to prior written authorization from the franchisor, the franchisee conducts additional advertisements in the franchisee`s local sector at the franchisee`s expense, and the franchisor may, from time to time, offer the franchisee local marketing plans and authorized materials, including, but not limited, advertising models covering the promotion of the forecasting and resale, under the same conditions that the franchisor then offers to its other franchisees. Before use by the franchisee, samples of all local marketing materials that have not been manufactured or previously approved by the franchisor must be submitted to the franchi for written approval, which must not be disproportionately refused. Regardless of the universality of the above, the franchisee gives three (3%) Percent of gross monthly revenue for local advertising in its marketing field. At the request of the franchisor, the franchisor will control all local advertising expenses within thirty (30) days of the requirement. 7.3 System maintenance. Franchisor continues its efforts to maintain consistent standards for quality, cleanliness, appearance and service in all fitness centers of the system, to promote the reputation and reputation of the system, To do so, the franchisor: If the franchisee does not pay a fee or other amounts to Franchisor under this Agreement, franchisor franchisor authorizes franchisor to set up, disable or disable the ability for the end user to place, cancel or disable delivery and pickup orders with takers until the breach is healed.