Gmr Hyderabad Airport Concession Agreement

A 31-kilometre rail link between Raidurg/Gachibowli and RGIA will be built as part of the second phase of the Metrorail Hyderabad project. [93] At the end of 2015, feasibility studies are underway. [94] [95] In August 2019, K. T. Rama Rao stated that the State Office approved the Hyderabad Metro Airport Connection from Raidurg to the airport. [96] The airport covers 5,495 hectares. Among these 2000 hectares were designed to meet the needs of the airport, which mainly cover 1700 hectares of land, is on the air side and 300 hectares of land are land facilities. The remaining 3,495 hectares are the extension of the airport. No other land is acquired. The airport is fully planned in the 5,495 hectares.

[34] The airport has a fuel reserve consisting of three storage tanks with a total capacity of 13,500 kilolitres (480,000 cu) jet fuel. The reservoirs are connected to the ramp by underground pipelines. [36] Reliance Industries built and operates the farm, which can be used by any oil company under an open access model. [84] SGK Kishore, Executive Director, South -Chief Innovation Officer, GMR Airports Limited, said: “Bhogapuram Airport is a strategic airport with great potential. It will be a welcome addition to our growing portfolio of Indian and global airports and will strengthen GMR Airports` airport platform. We are looking forward to the formalities and we are starting to build. The project was handed over to power by Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy and construction began on March 16, 2005, when Sonia Gandhi laid the groundwork.

[16] Two days earlier, the central government had named the airport after former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi[17] who had trained as a pilot in Hyderabad. [18] The name led to the resistance of telugu Desam Party (TDP). At Begumpet Airport, the international terminal was named after Rajiv Gandhi, while the national terminal was named after TDP founder N. T. Rama Rao; The TDP wanted to continue this agreement on the name of the new airport. However, the new airport has only one terminal. [19] The airport has 57 parking spaces 47 isolated parking spaces and 10 airbràcken. In January 2019, GHAIL added an additional 26 parking spaces, including 83 parking spaces.

[42] In April, the company received the award letter for the implementation of the project. The project includes the planning, financing, construction, development, operation and maintenance of the airport for a period of 40 years, extended by an additional 20 years by an international tender … The project includes the planning, construction, financing, construction, development, operation and maintenance of Greenfield International Airport in Bhogapuram for a period of 40 years, which can be extended by 20 years through an international tendering process, with gMR airports limited to 10% rofr (Right of First Refusal).